Friday, December 08, 2006

Agent of Change

Jon-David Wells does "The Wells Report" weekday afternoons from 4-7pm here in Dallas-Fort Worth on 570am, KLIF.

I think he may have started something BIG today.

Discussing education, and the TAKS(?) test, and educational standards in general, he had several teachers call in (I didn't hear the whole show, but I heard 3 teachers) who said they had minimum grades they were allowed to assign by school policy.

As in, minimum 60 - kid skips class every day, never turns in a page of homework, and never takes a test, he can't be graded lower than 60%.

Wells asked these people to fax him copies of these policies. And he vowed to "burn at the stake" people responsible for these policies, if they in fact exist.

JD Wells, I offer you my encouragement - our educational system needs a MAJOR overhaul, not just reform. I will also offer a piece of advice:

See if you can get those policies through a FOIA action, rather than rely on faxes. File FOIA requests for ALL school districts around the ones in question. That's how you'll protect your sources. Because any teacher who sends you this material, will have his/her job and/or career in danger when you publish it and make a great big stink about it.

I think JD Wells is about to turn education in DFW on it's ear; hopefully this will catch on throughout the rest of the state and maybe even nation.


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