Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Truth, Justice, and All That Stuff" Wait, what?

Lisa and I got "Superman Returns" this week from Netflix. I was really looking forward to watching it, and after dinner tonight, we did. Or started to.

I got to the point where Editor Perry White was telling the newspaper staff that "It's Superman! It's Truth, Justice and All That Stuff!"

Wait, What?

For my younger readers, there was a 50s TV show of Superman, and part of every episode's voice over was that Supes stood for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way".

This movie deliberately perverted that line. It could easily have been left out, as prior Superman movies did, or changed completely, to something like, "The cape! The Boots! The good of Mankind!"

But these assmunches had to take a deliberate poke. "Truth, Justice and the American Way" became "Truth, Justice, and All That Stuff".

Fuck 'em. Fuck Brian Singer. Loved his work on the X-Men, he left his political views out (or made them so subtle I didn't pick up on any bias). Fuck Kevin Spacey, unless I find out he objected to that line and was overruled.

I quit watching the movie about a minute after that line was uttered, went out to the garage to smoke a cigarette to calm down... it became 3 smokes, and I was more pissed than when I started.

Brian Singer could have left that line out of the script. It could have landed on the cutting-room floor. Nope, it was deliberately left in the film; a deliberate slam on America and "jingoistic" Americans.

I won't finish watching "Superman Returns", and I won't waste my time watching any more Brian Singer movies. He's gone into the same discard bin that the Ditzy Twits are in.

Feel free to get me any of their DVDs or CDs, though... I'll have great fun seeing how small a piece of the disc I can still hit with my .22. Burning up .22 ammo is ALWAYS fun :)


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