Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quitting Smoking Still Sucks

But, I'm now up to 36 hours without a cigarette.

I DO NOT FEEL GOOD. I've felt like crap since about last night.

But... I'm not going insane. This is the least-bad I've ever felt when trying to quit.

Chantix is a good product. It ain't cheap, but it's less than half the cost of a 2 1/2 pack-a-day habit, and the Chantix is temporary.

My doc says it has about a 40% success rate. That's phenomenal for a quit-smoking drug/program.

So far, I'm in the 40% group. Gonna try to stay there, so I never have to feel this crappy again. At least not for this reason.

Not trying to sound like a cheesy teevee commercial, but if you're wanting to quit smoking, go to your doc, and ask about Chantix. Not many insurance plans cover it yet, and it's about $100/month, average person is on it for 3 months. But it works. And if you smoke a pack a day or more, it's cheaper than your smokes :) Took me about 3 weeks to get ramped up enough to quit altogether (so far!), so there's some cost overlap, but this is effective - far more so than what was "the best available" about 18 months ago, the last time I tried to quit.

So wish me luck (please?) and if you're a smoker and want to quit, and want to pick my brains about how Chantix works, just email me.

If you're NOT a smoker, and are looking into Chantix to "help someone else quit", give it up. There ain't no Magic Bullet to quit smoking - the #1 ingredient has to be "I DON'T WANT TO SMOKE ANYMORE". As effective as Chantix is, if I wasn't COMMITTED to quitting, I'd have said "screw it" sometime last night and gone and bought a pack, and be happily smoking now. But I WANT TO QUIT, and that's what's gonna make it happen. Chantix is just a tool to keep the quit-smoking-crazies away while my body does the painful job of cleaning itself out.


Blogger ericlin911 said...

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12:07 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

I haven't had a real comment on this blog in over 3.5 months, and I post this, and it gets spam commented within an hour. Lovely.

12:22 AM  
Blogger DaQuitter said...

I'm on Chantix too. About to finish my 3rd week of pills. But only finishing 1 week of being smoke free. I continued to smoke a few a day for the first week that I was supposed to quit. I think 54 hours was my longest stretch during week 2. good luck!

7:01 PM  

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