Monday, December 25, 2006

Mistaken Identity ROCKS -or- I'm a Dick and Proud Of It

Merry Christmas everyone!

A little background... Once I was into my 30s, Daddy used to occasionally (especially after a few beers) call me Alex. Alex is Daddy's younger brother, my uncle, and quite a formidable man. I'd get a kick out of that... being in the same class of person as my uncle would make me puff my chest out and stand proud.

After Daddy died, Uncle Alex sometimes would do the same thing, calling me Dick (Daddy's first name). Again... being close enough to call the wrong name puts me in a pretty high-caliber group.

And tonight, one of Uncle Alex's oldest and best friends, Bear, called me Dick once he'd had a few bottles of Guinness. For Bear to slip and call me by Daddy's name, the name of a man who was one of his best friends' older brother, was a high compliment indeed.

I'm pretty damn proud that Daddy saw something of his little brother in me, and that Alex and Bear see something of Daddy in me. That tells me I'm doing at least a few things right.


Blogger og said...

My mom regularly confuses me, my nephew, and the dog.

12:48 PM  

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