Friday, February 06, 2009

Guys Smarter Than Me

Ok, so that's a pretty long list, but I've got two in mind:

Dave Ramsey, and Robert Zubrin.

Zubrin, I'll just link to. Go read it, it's good.

Ramsey, I'll paraphrase, 'cause it was on the radio today, and I don't know if there's anything I can link to:

1: Pass a $20,000 tax credit for businesses, per net employee they add during 2009. (My addition - make it pro-rated, so jobs will be added NOW, not right at the end of the year). End result? Lots of businesses hiring lots of people. Unemployment drops dramatically.

2: Pass a $20,000 tax credit for anybody (not just first-time homebuyers) who buys a home in 2009 or 2010. This will get people buying homes, and stop the housing crash (which has been a main source of this entire economic downturn). This goes hand-in-hand with Zubrin's idea to make downpayments on a house tax-deductible, as it will discourage people from borrowing too much (overborrowing being the other part of our economic trouble).

Those two things, along with Zubrin's ideas on mandatory flex-fuel vehicles (break OPEC) and get our space program serious again (get science going again), WILL get dollars flowing in useful ways. Unlike the Porkulous bill in Congress right now, this will get our economy moving WELL in sustainable directions.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can at least recognize good ideas when I see and/or hear them. Right now, I'm feeling a whole lot sharper than most of the tools who work in the tit-shaped building in Washington who can't accomplish anything other than putting my grandchildren deeply in debt.

And I'm feeling sharper, not because I'm particularly smart, but because I pay attention to people who are. Something politicians seem almost universally unable to do.

Gah... writing this is making me want to go find a source of barrels full of tar, and and a few thousand chickens' worth of feathers. Glenn Beck should be able to provide the pitchforks and torches. Now we just need a few miles of rope to tie into nooses.


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