Friday, November 14, 2008

New Shooters

I sent this to Kim, but he didn't publish it so I will:

I've spent the past few weeks teaching two of my younger cousins to shoot:

Here's Crystal:

And this is Austin:

Both of these 20-somethings have mastered the Four Rules, and this week, I ran them both through a practice CHL test - Crystal scored a 229/250, and Austin scored a 246/250. Passing score is, iirc, 175. Both of these youngsters are good pistol shots, and about to go get their CHLs before Obama makes them illegal. Hooray!


Blogger George said...

The young lady is cradling that Ruger with her right thumb vertical. She will have to learn to use it without a thumb if she tries that with any pistol designed by JMB.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

Crystal's grip is (euphemistically) problematic.

She's a lefty in a right-handed world, and on top of that, her hands are very small. I think a P3AT would fill her hands pretty well.

The biggest challenge I faced teaching her to shoot was how to develop a good grip - something stable, comfortable, and repeatable.

I think that photo may have been a fluke - normally (especially on her Glock) both thumbs point forward. I'll keep an eye on her thumbs in the future though; you bring up a good point.

She's certainly NOT blessed, however, with hands that fit well to the preponderance of guns on the market. Given that handicap, she's doing quite well so far.

*I* certainly wouldn't want to be a bad guy she decided she needed to pull the trigger on.

10:05 PM  

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