Monday, December 29, 2008

The Boys at Christmas

This came from Mom:

That is, l-r, Antonio, Alexander, and Jackson (aka Tonio, Alex, and Jack).

Tonio and Jack are my baby sister's boys, and of course, Alex is the little hellraiser Lisa and I take the credit (or blame) for.

Baby sis Jenni, and her husband Joe stayed at Mom's while visiting for Christmas, and Alex spent a night there as well. Mom got all the boys matching footy pajamas to stage this pic - and oh my God did she have fun, having all her grandbabies stay with her that night!

Mom reports she had to make a certified fool of herself to get Alex to smile - he's not as familiar with posing for pictures as his older cousins are, but I think that makes it that much better. As I wrote to Mom, "Tonio and Jack are obviously "cheesing" for the camera, but Alex looks like "I see something I'm gonna get into here in just a second". I have no doubts who's going to be the instigator of mischief when those three get older".

Fun stuff, and the picture was also much appreciated by the boys' great-grandmother, great-grandfather, great-uncle (who Alex is named after), and great-aunts.



Blogger Rivrdog said...

...and whose idea are the matching jammies?

You and Lisa might just qualify for the "overcuteness" award for that!

1:17 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

Nope, that wasn't Lisa or I, it was Mom. This pic was taken the night all three boys stayed with "Grandma".

3:32 PM  

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