Monday, February 16, 2009

Wells Report Watch, Issue 1

This is a new thing for my blog; hopefully it won't be terribly common. But like Rivrdog keeping a watch on his local news, I'm going to do the same here. Particularly in regards to the Wells Report, heard 4-7pm Central on 570 KLIF.

Jon-David Wells is generally a good guy, but he goofs badly from time to time. Since when I manage to get through on the phone, and call his goofs, he tends to hang up on me, I'm going to correct him here.

Today, JDW goofed badly. I was busy working, so didn't try to call in, but he basically said President Obama was going back on his promise to allow 5 days of scrutiny before he signed any bill into law.

Sorry, JD, but the Annointed One has, in fact, allowed 5 days for scrutiny of the Porkulous Package.

It was posted Friday, just before the House passed it without a single Republican vote. It passed the Senate later Friday night.

Now, JD, I know you're not good at math, but Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday equals five days.

They talked last week about having the Annointed One sign this porkulous package on President's Day.... but that would have only been four days.

So, the Annointed One is keeping his word. This bill has been available to review as of tomorrow, for five days.

Weekends? Big deal - if you're interested, you'll work weekends.

Now what could have mattered, is five days between the Senate-House compromise, and a House vote - but that's not what the Chosen One promised us.

So, he's fullfilling his promise - it was a done deal Friday night, but he'll wait until Tuesday to sign it, thereby giving 5 days for everyone to look at it and say, "We're screwed!!!!"

But it will, indeed, be 5 days. Quit telling your audience otherwise; to continue would be to show that you're SO bad at math that you can't count to five, or that you're ignorant of the facts, or that you flat-out lying. So quit that line of argument, or admit you're ignorant, or lying...

Which is it, JD?


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