Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boomershoot - More Good Folks

For me, one of the best parts of Boomershoot was the people I met, and the people I'd previously met, and got to see again.

This is a repost, but one of my favorites: That's Rivrdog, who I've blogged and written back and forth with for several years. He came to visit my family and I last spring, and we had a GRAND time. We camped together in the trailer in the picture... a little bit better than tent camping, and we had a great time. I'll spare you pictures of either of us in our longjohns (it was below freezing EVERY night); I'd like to keep at least one or two of my new readers.

Gene Econ and his crew did an AMAZING job teaching us dummies how to adjust for range and windage. This knowledge was the main reason I drove nearly 2000 miles each way. Bill's son, who works for a cell phone company, calls this pic the "more bars in more places Econ group" - I'd say that's not altogether inappropriate :) ALL OF THESE GUYS ARE GREAT. Left to Right, Monte Milanuk, Instructor, Member US National Team FT/R, Member Team Savage. Bill Waites, Grunt, (and graciously patient spotter/trainer). Rob Waites, Young Grunt. Major Gene Econ, Owner/Head Instructor Econ Training, Retired Special Forces (and REALLY nice guy, and also very patient and gracious spotter/trainer). John, who is still actively defending our country and may have another trip to the sandbox, so that's all the identification he needs publicized. But he also gets a big HOOYAA and a heartfelt thanks for his service.

And then there were the guys from Random Nuclear Strikes - I didn't take notes as well as I meant to, so forgive (or, preferably, correct) me if I'm wrong here - that's me, JD, Derek, and Troy (I think). That's part of the RNS Crew.

Full Crew:
Troy, JD, Dave, David, and Derek - I think. Again, please correct me if I got guys out of order; 2+ weeks after the fact, my notes make less sense than they did the day I wrote them down.

I really hope I got the right links to the right guys, but I don't have a lot of confidence that I did. If I messed any of them up, please comment and/or email me and I'll correct them.

I also got interviewed for a TV show - "The Gunmen", I think it's to be called - targeted to the Outdoor Channel. I got to talk a bit about why I drove so far to Boomershoot, and how shooting and gun safety are universal, not regional.
If my notes are correct (questionable), that would be Justin, Nate (the host), Adam, and Nick (kneeling). The website Nate gave me to look for the upcoming show is

My shooting neighbors, on position 49, were Bob and Greg: Really friendly guys, and they extended their shelter over my shooting position, which helped keep some of the cold, biting wind off me. Much appreciated :)

I really look forward to seeing all of these folks again in the future - they're ALL worth spending more time with, and that's about the highest compliment I pay anybody.


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