Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Preparedness

First, go read this from Kim:

Now, I'm in Tarrant County, not Hood, but I'm pretty close. This weekend ended a 165-day span in which North Texas had not had an inch of rain in a day... in other words, we're in a friggen' no-shit drought. Risk of fire is VERY real right now, even after this weekend's decent rainfall.

Honestly, until recently, I hadn't considered massive fires as a possible SHTF scenario - Lisa and I live in a well-developed part of Fort Worth, and there's a fire station maybe half a mile away from our home. My biggest nod to the possibility of a fire was to get all my ammo and volitile reloading components into a fire-resistant safe, so things cooking off wouldn't scare firefighters away in case our home DID catch fire.

But with the way fires have gotten out of control in this area recently, that's something to think about.

My biggest concern so far has been tornados, followed by a terrorist attack on downtown FW, or the Joint Reserve Base Whatever (used to be Carswell Air Force Base).

Now, Lisa and I aren't as prepared as I want us to be. Given the 30 minutes that was mentioned in the story Kim linked, I think we'd do ok... Water, Food, Meds, Clothing, Shelter, 4 dogs, 2 cats, food for them, First Aid, weapons, ammo, spare fuel... We could probably manage a 3-day get-gone with 30 minutes' notice. My goal is to do all that in under 10 minutes. We ain't there yet, but we're working on it.

And I spent part of tonight working on our pop-up trailer that I mentioned before... presuming we can get to it, the goal is a month of self-sufficiency, that I'll only need to back the truck up to, hitch up, and haul ass.

That will (when I'm done) give us good shelter, plenty of food and water for us and the animals, spare clothing, communications (FMRS, CB, AM/FM radio, and cell phone), first aid, ammo, and some level of comfort. About all we'd need from home is our daily meds, and weapons out of the safe.

Not there yet... but I'm workin' on it!


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