Friday, February 03, 2006

Ammo Availability

I heard rumors, which by all appearances seem to be true, that a few months ago the US Government contracted with Wolf Manufacturing (former Soviet military ammo supplier, now a cheap source of ammo for the Free World) for ALL their output of 7.62x39mm ammo - in other words, the cartriges used by SKSs and AK47s, to build supplies for the Iraqi Military and Iraqi police forces.

I've not found any "official" confirmation of this, but what I have found is a definate scarcity of 7.62x39 ammo online and at some B&M stores locally.

Ammoman now has some available, but it's not Wolf, and it's friggen EXPENSIVE! $199 for 500 rounds?!? Wolf is usually $149 for 1000!!!

I guess it's better than nothin'... but I'm glad my safe is full, and I don't NEED to replenish right now.

The reason I mention this, though, is that recently I heard the same rumor, about the US Gov't, buying up surplus .223 ammo. Again, I've not seen "official" confirmation, and I don't own a .223 rifle so I'm not as familiar with its prices, but it's something to pay attention to. If you own one as one of your main and/or SHTF rifles, look at your ammo stocks, and if they're low at all, STOCK UP while it's still available.

You won't like the sinking feeling in your stomach when you go to your normal sources for ammo for your SHTF rifle, and discover that the bulk buys you're used to now cost nearly 3 TIMES as much, IF IT'S AVAILABLE.


Blogger Rivrdog said...

This isn't an issue if you take ammo availability into your normal scheme of shooting, and neveR fall below your SHTF battle load FOR ANY REASON.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Aaron Neal said...

That's what I mean, Rivrdog - when it gets scarce and/or expensive, I have to scale back the shooting, or risk dipping below my per-gun minimum. Highly irritating, it is!

4:48 PM  

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