Friday, February 03, 2006

BusyTired... or is it TiredBusy?

Ugh, this week has been non-stop. I think the last time I took an hour to relax was Monday night with Lisa.

Lunchtime Monday, Capn'Mo and I went to Cylinder Heads Int'l in Grand Prairie to buy a set of reman'd heads for the Taurus (aka AFLPITA). Monday night we spent with our respective families.

Tuesday, normal workday, then head to Dad's to see how far we could get putting the engine back together - and I was impressed! By midnight, we had everything done except one pushrod and one valve cover - that was starting from the block, and moving up. More on that shortly.

Wednesday, Lisa and I went to the OB/GYN to talk about how close we are to being ready to try for a baby again - pretty close! I'm excited - we both REALLY want kids.

Wednesday after work, another trip to Dad's to finish AFLPITA.

Thursday, I slept in a bit because I was going to be working late patching one of my servers at work (could only be done after-hours, according to a waste of potentially useful organs who shall remain nameless). Little did I know just how late I was going to be...

About 7pm or so, I got a call from a friend, G, telling me that another friend of ours, J, had gone to the ER this afternoon, and it looks like he'll be staying at the hospital overnight. Not sure what the original problem was, secondhand info and all, but the part that required immediate action on my part was Maddie. See, J is single and lives alone, except for his dog Maddie - who's an inside dog. Beautiful, sweet dog, some kind of Collie mix IIRC. But she hadn't been walked or fed since J left for work in the morning.

Not a big deal - G and I both have keys to J's place, as he used to travel a lot for work and we'd take care of Maddie for him so he didn't have to take her to a kennel. Only problem is, my keys to his place are at home. And J lives about 2 miles from work.

So I got off work, drove home, tended to my doggies, grabbed J's keys, drove almost all the way BACK to work, walked Maddie, and then thought, "Duh... why keep making extra trips? I have a fenced backyard now, and a dog-safe portion of the house... Maddie, you're going to stay with me until your two-legger gets home."

Turns out Maddie LOVES going for rides... as soon as I said "go for a ride?", she ran to where I'd set her leash down, and started spinning in circles and barking!

So I've spent the last hour or so introducing my pack to Maddie, and Maddie to my pack (that was an excercise in "I'm still the two-legger here, and you WILL listen to me!") and getting Maddie settled in - I'm surprised she didn't hyperventilate, what with all the sniffing she was doing. It's currently about 2:50am Friday, and I need to finish unwinding and get to bed. Still too keyed up to sleep though.

... and now Blogger won't let me post. Saving this for later...

... and now Blogger seems to have untangled itself. Here ya go.


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