Monday, February 06, 2006

Bitch-slapped by a sonofabitch

Another one I found via Glenn, who gives a tip o' the hat to Austin Bay:

Now, I don't particularly dislike Barack Obama. It's entirely possible that I missed something significant, but the worst I've seen of him is that he was the Filthy Party's golden boy last year, and the MSMidiots couldn't get enough of his face on my TV.

On the other hand, the last "reforms" McCain's name was on is threatening to cause an insurrection. I'm deeply wary of McCain, and anything his name is on.

I'm a slightly-above average sized guy, and not terribly muscular (6'0", about 195lbs), but I promise, that without Secret Service intervention, I could throw McCain a HELL of a lot farther than I trust him. Of course, depending on the scale you're using, anything can be "a hell of a lot farther" than zero.

Not quite sure what to make of this letter, though. If it wasn't made public, I could see it as a pretty serious jab. Publishing it, on the other hand, smells like a publicity stunt to drum up support for whatever "reforms" McCain is working on.

Given McCain's past record on "reforms", I just might have to side with Obama on this one. We'll see.

BTW, just in case it wasn't clear - it'll be a cold day in Hell before McCain gets my vote on anything less solid than "The sun will more than likely rise in the East tomorrow morning". Given that he's the kind of politician who reflects poorly on weasels and rats (or am I being redundant?), it needs that "more than likely" qualifier that you and I can do without.


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