Monday, February 06, 2006

Critterblogging, Volume One

Stopped at Dad's Garage on my way home from work today. Needed some T-post fencing ties for a fence we're putting around Lisa's rosebed in the backyard (since it gets watered frequently, the dogs have been digging in it for cool spots), as well as a pair of fencing pliers.

And on the way down the rural road to Dad's, I saw a fox. No, not the two-legged kind in a hot Mustang, the four-footed kind like they used to hunt in England.

Never seen one of those around there before.

However, Saturday night, while stopped for beer & cigarettes at the convenience store up the road from Dad's, I DID see a stray dog with a very fox-like build and features. Looked full-grown, but young.

Maybe the local mutts are interbreeding with foxes? I dunno.

Just thought it was interesting.

Here's a picture I just found from about 16 months ago, of our younger cat Rascal (oh, Lord, if we'd only known how appropriate that name would be).

He takes up a lot more room on my shoulder now, but he still likes riding there from time to time :)

Lisa and I have four dogs and two cats - I'll be doing critterblogging again from time to time, sharing the rest of my immediate family with you, my fair readers.


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