Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On A Happier Note

Today is also Alex's 3-month birthday. Happy Birthday, Little Boy!

Lisa had some pictures taken recently, and this is my favorite:

Wiggle wiggle!

Nothing washes the scum and nastiness of a day of work out of my mind like coming home, seeing him see me, and seeing him smile like that when he recognizes Daddy and starts "telling me about his day". Lots of wiggling and sound-making :)

Yeah, I'm a proud Daddy :)

Never Forget

Never, ever forget what radical Islam did to us six years ago today. What they'd still like to do, and WILL try to do again.

When the libtards in Washington say "Get out of Iraq now", remember - right now, the fight against radical Islam is in the Middle East, not here. I'd rather have the fight happening in THEIR backyard than ours, and against our military, not our preschoolers.

Remember this picture the next time the New York Times runs a full-page ad from MoveOn.org saying that General Petraeus should be called "General Betray Us".

Remember what you saw that Tuesday six years ago. Remember what you felt. There are children in school now who were not yet born on 11 September 2001, and they need to know what happened. Schools are choosing not to recognize that anything significant happened on this day six years ago, to keep from "scaring" them. They want them to "move on".

I do NOT look forward to explaining to my son what "9/11" means. He's going to ask before he's old enough to understand, of that I'm sure. Six years and a day ago, it was a Porche, or slang for an emergency hotline number. Not anymore. I was ten years old when I learned that "Daddies don't cry" was not actually a law of physics. Learning that, at the time,was more of a shock than learning that my parents were splitting up. I'm afraid my son will learn that lesson much earlier than I did, when he asks me about "9/11".

The phrase "Global War On Terror", or GWOT, is ridiculous. Terror is not something that we can wage war against. We might as well be waging war against sadness. Terror is an emotion - show me how to win a war against an emotion, I challenge you!

We are in a war against radical Islam, which has as its main goal establishing a Caliphate that rules over the whole planet. Radical Islam, due to being stuck in the seventh century, cannot establish the goal of conquering the world militarily, and resorts to the tactics of the coward: Terrorism.

We're not fighting against a tactic. That idea is as absurd as fighting against the tactic of Blitzkrieg in WW2. "We want to wipe out Blitzkrieg!" No, we wanted to wipe out the Nazis. Drop the political correctness. Terrorism is a tactic, what we need to do is defeat the USERS of that tactic. Although it didn't get a lot of press, we've succeeded in this goal on two fronts that come immediately to mind: The IRA, and Libya. The Irish Republican Army and Libya were both prolific sponsors of terrorism in the past. After 9/11, they did NOT want to get lumped in with radical Islam, and did some pretty impressive about-faces on their stances toward terrorism. I'm chalking those into the "win" column.

The biggest proponent of terrorism today is radical Islam. This is what we have to destroy.

Remember what happened. Remember that "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing". Remember these things when idiots say that we shouldn't be fighting against radical Islamists, in Iraq or anywhere else. And when they say it, tell them to go pound sand.

Forgetting, or actively refusing to remember, invites another disaster.