Monday, July 27, 2009

Lisa Laughs Again

She didn't read the earlier blog post, but when I reminded her of the conversation, she started laughing all over again.

She says I'm paranoid, and dark-minded... but then she laughs almost uncontrollably at the darkest of concepts....

Eh... she married me, that obviously means she has a seriously warped sense of humor.

But I still love it when I can make her bust out laughing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Stuff, Bad Stuff

July 22 isn't a great day for me.

It's the birthday of mine and Lisa's first son, Aaron Taylor. Today is his birthday, but his birthday should have been in November; he was born about 4 months early. 22 July 2004 Aaron Taylor was born and he died about two hours later. His lungs weren't developed enough. Remembering that day hurts like hell; on the other hand, having lived through that, I know I can live through anything. Nothing can hurt me as much as having my first son die in my arms. He would have been five years old today.

But now there's Alex. He's our second son, and he just turned two last month. The Terrible Twos... except not. I don't know who coined the term "Terrible Twos", but I figure they must have been somebody who did NOT believe in discipline.

Alex has only a few rules, but they are firm... and when he tests them, he finds that they ARE firm, so he knows EXACTLY where his boundaries are, and he's a wonderfully-behaved little guy. We've already gotten multiple compliments, from multiple people, on how well-behaved he is, and how fun and playful he is. He's also currently learning about Manners, such as "Please", "Thank You", and "You're Welcome". Pure joy, and I think Dad would be proud.

We also do some unauthorized stuff, when Mama's not around... especially at the shop AKA Dad's Garage (grin) This afternoon, Alex learned about driving the mower. He also learned about stick-fighting, when he picked up a broomstick at the shop and came after Daddy with it... I had to teach him a little bit about using both ends of a good long stick :) That's the kind of thing Mama would totally disapprove of; but she left early to come home and make dinner :) And Alex wound up decently using both ends of his stick, as well as holding one end and using it as a spear :)

I really miss my first little boy, Aaron Taylor Neal, and wish he could be a big brother to Alex. But God giveth, and God taketh away... I quit cursing God a few years ago for taking Aaron Taylor and Daddy from me, now I'm just really happy I have Lisa and Alex, and hopefully, some more little brothers or sisters for Alex in the future.

And yeah, any future little ones will get "unauthorized" training as well, whenever Mama's not looking... I don't intend for ANY of my kids to be "easy pickings" for bullies or criminals.

I miss you, Aaron Taylor, and Mama and I love you very much.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love making Lisa laugh

This evening, I was telling Lisa about an electrical company employee driving the dogs berserk while trying to read our meter.

This evolved into a discussion about how power co. employees are generally decent folks, but the companies themselves are a bunch of asses. I reminded Lisa about the tax credits coming online, and dropping prices, for photovoltaic electric cells, and how that's looking like a better and better option.

I said, "And besides... we can't count on the power grid to always be available, but if the Sun goes out, that's pretty much God saying 'Party's over, everybody out of the pool'."

For some reason, that got a tremendous giggle out of Lisa. Not sure why she found that so funny...

But I'll take 'em when I can get 'em :)