Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have an advertiser!

Blatant capitalism at work... yay!

Preparedness Pantry is actually a really great company. I've done business with them several times; I've always been (at a minimum) satisfied with their goods AND their service.

Actually... their service is downright impressive.

I was really surprised, the first time I ordered some Gamma Lids from them, that the invoice that came in the box was initialed and/or signed by two people - the order picker, and the supervisor who checked the order. That's some pre-emptive customer service right there.

Add to that, I've never gotten anything from PP that my family and I didn't like... their freeze-dried stuff is really good!

They've been working hard on getting their blog out in the social networking circles, with multiple giveaways, etc, but this one is a straight-up $10 gift card for any blogger that puts their button on the blog.

I'll tell all of my readers, this is a fine deal. I've ordered several pieces of hardware, and quite a bit of freeze-dried food, and all of it has been at least as good as I expected. Some better than I expected, and always with top-of-the-line service.

I can recommend Preparedness Pantry wholeheartedly, and say honestly that I'm one of their satisfied customers. Please go check them out, and get your pantry or Bug-Out-Bag just a little bit more squared away.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Doc Russia is home

This guy ranks in the Top 5 Bloggers I'd Like to Meet and Haven't Yet.

I've met Kim du Toit, Rivrdog, DavidWhiteHorse, ThePackingRat, Ry, Josh, and Joe Huffman... great guys all. But I still want to shake hands and do some shooting, and maybe have a beer with Doc Russia.