Friday, October 02, 2009

Something I forgot to mention

Kim and Connie duToit will be starting a new internet radio show this weekend on .

The show will run on Saturday and Sunday evenings, at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central. You can find a BlogTalkRadio widget to listen to our "preview" show at our new site:

Notes on the Saturday show include "What can a conscientious citizen do in this political climate?" and "Holding their feet to the fire".

Looks like it should be interesting; give them a listen if you have some free time.

UPDATE: Yeah, I'm slow on the uptake... I don't generally listen to stuff on the 'puter, sorry. But I may start now. This is now (best I can tell) a nightly broadcast, 6pm Central weekends, 10pm Central weeknights. 10pm weeknights I'm a lot less busy than I am 6pm weekends, so I plan to start listening in. Sorry, Kim, that I didn't notice this sooner.